Yesterday's post was kinda heavy.

And before I forget, THANK YOU for your comments.  My thinking on the topic?  Anything you feel you have to hide from your spouse---well.  That's probably cheating.  

And now on to something completely different.

Bruce Jenner Has Adam’s Apple Surgery

Bruce Jenner is doing nothing to stop rumors he wants a sex change. According to the National Enquirer, the former athlete went through with surgery to shave his Adam’s Apple over the weekend, a procedure that is common for men undergoing sexual reassignment surgery. The tabloid has pictures they say show Bruce with bandages poking out of his top, which is zipped all the way up to the neck. Bruce has denied he wants to become a woman, and claimed he wanted the surgery because he has always been unhappy with the look of his Adam’s Apple.

Okay.  Well, there you go.  Everything you wanted to know about Bruce Jenner, but were afraid to ask.  I don't know that I've ever given my Adam's Apple a second glance.  Moving forward.

Every year, usually in January, you get these lists.  Some of the companies contained therein have been on the business death watch for three years now, and somehow keep on hangin' on.  Good on them!  You GO J.C. Penney (I'm a big fan of their stores.  Always have been.)  Interestingly, there were stores on LAST YEARS list that were "certain" according to "experts"  to be morte in the year just past, but are still with us.  Think Sears.  If memory serves me, JoAnn Fabrics was on last year's list.  But look at us, we have a brand new store in Battle Creek.  I don't know.  Maybe it's because of my vintage, but I sure hope that NONE of these go the way of the Nash Rambler.  If for no other reason, that when ANY of these companies fail, whether you use their services/products etcetera, somebody out there loses their job.  And that, in the words of Plato, sucks.

9 Iconic Brands that Could Soon be Dead

But, I hate to leave you's guys with a downer. That's just not my bag.  My groove.  Instead, I'll leave you with a video of morons doing stuff that makes your palms sweat.

These Daredevil Stunts Might Make You Feel Slightly Sick