There's a song by the Beach Boys, on the album "Carl and the Passions; So Tough."

It's called, "You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone."  And it is with that thought that i present this list.  A brief but hopefully helpful guide to chaps and bro's everywhere.  Frankly, this side of George Clooney, I reckon most of us guys needs a mess of help in the attractive arena.  For the record, I speak from my own perspective.  With a little help from any available mirror.

Our friends at "Cosmo" came up with a list of 15 things that instantly make a guy more attractive.  Check 'em out .  And good luck.

1.  Being unaware of their own hotness.

2.  Being able to banter and hold a conversation.

3.  A nice low voice, or an accent.

4.  Not blatantly checking out other women.

5.  Being able to cook at least one dish well . . . especially breakfast.

6.  Being good with kids.

7.  Immediately loving her pet.  Even if it's a cat.

8.  Having a dog.

9.  Tipping well.

10.  Not answering texts when you're out together.

11.  Kicking ass at their job.

12.  Putting on or taking off a tie.

13.  Wearing shoes instead of sneakers.

14.  Rolled-up sleeves.

15.  Dark jeans that fit well.