The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) announced today that 30 Michigan schools will change classification for the coming year.   Thirteen schools are moving up and seventeen schools are moving down a class.

In our area, Delton Kellogg, with an enrollment of 398, will move down from Class B to Class C.

Several schools competing against area sports teams will also change:

Jackson Northwest, Parma Western, and Sturgis will move from Class B to Class A.

Stevensville Lakeshore moves down to Class B.

Jackson Lumen Christi moves up from C to B, along with Hillsdale and Jonesville.

Potterville drops from Class C to Class D.


Enrollment Breaks by Classes – 2015-16

(Number of schools in parentheses)

Class A: 875 and above (187 schools)

Class B: 420 – 874 (187)

Class C: 213 – 419 (188)

Class D: 212 and below (188)