The second the thermometer reads anything above 50 degrees, you are sure to see Michiganders in Kalamazoo do these four things, just to enjoy the sunshine.

  • 1

    Eat Ice Cream At Plainwell Ice Cream Co.

    With any warm weather comes the craving for ice cream. We don't want just ANY ice cream, in Kalamazoo we bet you are headed to Plainwell Ice Cream Co. that is now open for the season! Their "made from scratch" ice cream is the envy of all south west Michigan and their opening for the summer is a sign that the warm weather is here to stay.

    Photo Credit: Google Maps
  • 2

    Sit Outside At Water Street Coffee Joint

    Kalamazoo has no shortage of great places to hang out outside while enjoying the hustle and bustle of downtown. But as sunny days emerge you are hard pressed to take a drive through Kalamazoo without seeing a cluster of coffee drinkers enjoying the quaint seating at Water Street Coffee Joint. While I favor Iced Coffee With A Bang, you can get a number of great coffee drinks at Waterstreet!

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    Visit Lake Michigan

    Whether your favorite spot is South Haven beach or if you plan to head to the dunes at Grand Mere, Michiganders in South West Michigan don't wait for the water to warm up before we hit the beach to enjoy the sun. So take a hike or go read a book on the quiet beach before summer is upon us, cause we're betting the sun is here to stay.

    Photo Credit:Tess Taylor
  • 4

    Go Disc Golfing

    Disc golf is a serious sport in these parts! All you need is a pass to some of the Kalamazoo City or County parks to enjoy the great disc golf courses we have in the area. You can check out Robert Morris or Oshtemo Township Park to name a few. Or if you are more into a team sport, Kalamazoo's social clubs are forming now, so get in there!

    Photo Credit: Portland Press Herald / Getty Images