I had a story this morning about a guy in Texas who was innocently mowing his lawn.Then fate, a cruel mistress, cause a discarded nail to be picked up by the mower and shot right into one of his lungs.  Piercing that puppy full through.   That lone act of cruel fate is odd enough, but even odder when you consider that this was a chap who had, ALREADY IN LIFE, been stabbed, shot AND blown up by an I.E.D.  (He was a soldier for 20 years).  I made some kind of comments like, this isn't somebody you want to hang out with if you want to avoid catastrophe.

I couldn't help but think, WHAT ARE THE ODDS that these kinds of incredible  things could happen to the SAME guy over a 20 year span?  AND that he LIVED through all of them?

And then I find out about THIS guy.

26-year-old Carlos Cooper Jr. lives in Michigan City, Indiana.  And on Thursday morning, he swerved in his truck to avoid a pothole . . . lost control . . . and crashed into a RESTAURANT.

Fortunately no one was hurt, and he managed to walk away.  Whew!  THAT was close!

But less than 15 hours later, he was walking along some train tracks . . . talking on his cell phone . . . and got hit by a TRAIN!

He was taken to the hospital, where he's in serious condition . . . but he's expected to survive.

I'm thinking that after he heals up, he MIGHT not want to leave the house for a while. Somebody needs to get these guys a four-leaf clover.