If you're like me, half the fun of buying things at garage sales is researching the history of items you pick up.  And if you're ALSO like me, you wake up hours before dawn, making coffee a must.  The vessel that contains said magical brew becomes almost like a fond friend, something you spend hours and hours a day with.

So imagine my excitement when I was out garage sale hunting Saturday, and spotted this!

Nico Berrios / TSM

A coffee mug with the original Starbucks logo!  This logo was completely phased out prior to 1987, partly due to controversy regarding the bared breasts of the Siren on the logo (Here's a story from AdWeek about it).

The story goes that the founders of Starbucks lifted the image of the Siren from a Norse woodcut.

Starbucks has brought back the classic logo a few times in the past, albeit with strands of hair covering the more "racy" imagery.  That means, that this cup has very likely survived the test of time from the 1980's to make it to our coffee maker here at the station!

The best part is, this piece was only 10 cents!  And when the only eBay listing I can find for this mug online sold for FORTY DOLLARS, I'd consider that a steal and a half.

It's certainly the season to go out and scout every garage sale you find.  It's like a trip through history, some junk and some not, but the point is, you never know what treasures you will find!

Nico Berrios / TSM