It happens from time to time.  

We run out of time on the Morning Show before we can get everything we've prepared out to you, our beloved, some may call you sainted, listeners  Heaven knows we try. This was my favorite story that sadly, never saw the light of day.

Pet Parrot Squeals On Drunken Driving Suspect

Police in Mexico City said a drunken driving suspect stopped at an alcohol checkpoint was betrayed by his pet parrot, which told police “he’s drunk.” Investigators said Guillermo Reyes, 49, was pulled over last week at a routine checkpoint in the city and officers heard a voice in the car repeating “he’s drunk, he’s drunk.” Police looked inside the vehicle, expecting to find another person, but instead discovered Reyes’ pet parrot. Reyes failed a sobriety test and was arrested for DUI. The parrot was supposed to be taken away by Animal Surveillance Brigade officers, but Reyes told them the bird is with him at all times and could suffer stress if separated. The parrot was allowed to accompany Reyes to jail.

And then I share this.  This isn't something that we could have shared on the show, because, well--it's visual.  And for those of you who have paid close attention over the years, you know that visual doesn't translate well over radio.  With that fact in mind, allow me to present 40 Outrageously Offensive Vintage Ads

Oh, BOY!  We really have come a long, L-O-N-G way when it comes to advertising.  This really is a gallery of shame, which highlights the terribly demeaning way women were portrayed.