I figured you might be running a bit short of things to worry about.  Civil war in the Ukraine.  Miley Cyrus allergic reaction.  AC/DC possibly calling it quits. Just not enough to worry about, is it?  I took a sacred oath many years ago, to provide you, to the best of my abilities, with enough news and information on any given day to either give you an ulcer or ruin your sleep.

And as an expression of that sacred oath, I now present, Three New Things To Worry About.  You're welcome.

1.  Debt Kills Your Sex Life.  A study just found the more debt you have, the less sex you have. (The GOOD news is that it wasn't your BREATH.)

Couples who are financially stable have sex an average of four times a week . . . couples with a few thousand in debt have sex once a week . . . and couples with at least $10,000 in debt have sex once a month.  (FemaleFirst)

2.  You Became Old at Age 24.  Apparently, you became OLD way earlier than you thought.  A new study out of Canada found our brains start slowing down when we hit 24.  (Plos One)  

3.  The More Money You Make, The More You Need.  Everyone thinks they'd be so satisfied if they could just make six figures . . . but you won't.  You'll just want seven figures.  Then when you get that, you'll want eight figures.

A survey found the more money we make, the more money we THINK we need to live comfortably.  Only 3% of Americans believe they're wealthy and comfortable with the amount of money they have. (PR Newswire)

Feel better?