Look at me, Ma, I am blogging!  Ah, should my sainted mother still be with us, she’d be so proud.  If I could only be wearing a cool uniform.

So, what do you do with a blog, anyway?  Some may rant.  Some may preach.  Some may be silly.  And chances are, I may well do all of the above from time to time.  But primarily, I look at this as great way for us to get connected or reconnected and then stay connected.  And when I mean us, I mean you and me; the people who live in this community and listen to the WBCK Morning Show.  One of the true joys of this job is having been able to meet so many loyal and wonderful listeners.  You are all aces to me.  But at the same time, it’s kind of tough to keep up with what’s happening in each other’s lives.  We’re all so stinking busy.  And that’s what I’m hoping that this daily blog will help do.

From my end, I’ll keep you hip on what’s happening here at the radio place.  Maybe spend a little extra time talking about things we said or did on the show, things that we don’t have the time for during the regular course of things.  I may post my explosive expose on the REAL Robert Nelson.  You never know.  I’ll also share about what’s going on with the kids, the grandkids and the wife.  Some of the things we’re up to and in to.  You can plan on me sharing a lot of pictures too.

Then, I’d love to hear back from you via your comments or posts.  You will be able to do that easily through your messages on the WBCKFM.com website, or on Facebook et al as well.  Can you dig it?

So off we go on this new adventure.  Thank you, in advance for joining in on the fun.