Seattle and Denver are going to Super Bowl XXIVLLSMFT.  

So now, LET'S GET READY FOR SS-OO--MM--EE...Super Bowl Commercials!

Forget The Game – We Want The Super Bowl Ads

Many people watch the Super Bowl for everything but the action on the field. A survey by ad agency Venables Bell & Partners showed 78% of Americans (up from 59% in 2011) look forward to Super Bowl commercials more than the game. And a whopping 70% of Americans will focus on the ads before the game! Other study highlights:

- 95% those surveyed said they prefer commercials with humor. (Given that Denver and Seattle are cities in states where marijuana use is legal, I think it's safe to expect a LOT of POT jokes)

- Heavy drinkers (or at least 47% of the people surveyed who admitted to being a heavy drinker) are eight times more likely to buy a Super Bowl ad product than non-drinkers. And 29% say they will be hung over the morning after the game!  What a great day to be Budweiser, huh?

A new survey from reports that 30% of Americans will purchase a new TV in 2014 and more consumers will buy them in January during Super Bowl sales versus Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other time of the year.

- 68% of those 18-29 said sites such as Facebook and Twitter have enhanced the Super Bowl experience. And 63% plan to use some type of mobile device to enhance their Super Bowl experience.

And while we're on the topic of advertising, check this out; 8 Things You Only Believe Because Advertisers Told You To.

I would LOVE to watch just ONE Super Bowl from beginning to end.  But with the way these games are scheduled to reach a "prime-time" audience, I can just about make it until the half time show, until I need to go beddie-bye.

I'll find out the score the next morning.