Well....not reindeer.  I can tell you that.  Friday, we received an unusual Christmas present from our friends Joan & Dan in Milwaukee. 

Those are always the best presents--the ones you'll remember years from now.    We got a text from Joan on Thursday, that said "You'll be getting a package on Friday.  Please open it RIGHT AWAY.  You'll know why when it comes."   I said, "Maybe it's a puppy, or a kitten."  I wasn't too far off.   Friday at about five PM,  my wife, Debbie, sends me a text that says "Eeeeekkkk!  It's LIVE lobsters!  (Not exactly furry and cuddly.)  She peeked into the box to see a couple of alien monsters wiggling about.   So, I picked up some butter at the store and headed home.   The package came from LobsterAnywhere.com.  Inside was a giant cooking pot, with two live lobsters in it, their giant claws rubber-banded shut in the interests of consumer safety.   I read the directions, boiled the water, and we dug in. Also inside the box were table settings:  A beautiful cloth napkin, shell cracking tool, digging tool, and the all-important lobster bib.   It was a delicious dining experience that we won't forget! Our dogs were very curious during the whole process, sensing that this was something special and out of the ordinary.   Thanks Joan and Dan!