If you're like me, you're anxious to test the iPhone. And I'm not even talking about its supposed faster performance or better screen. I'm talking about test it in your hand - see which one feels right. See which one seems more comfortable to use. And most importantly, see which one fits in your pocket comfortably! On the way home from the station Friday, I found the car diverting itself into the parking lot of a phone store. I know, the iPhone 6 isn't even out yet, but "they must have a display model," I thought to myself. They didn't. But lots of others were there anyway, already placing their orders. I'll wait, thank you. I'll wait until I can get both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in my hands and see which one fits like a glove. Looks like CNN managed to get advanced models and give them the "pocket test." Check it out:


Does the "pocket test" factor into your phone choice?