Did you know if you use the same logic that the Unions and Democrat politicians use to make that statement that CEO’s make 300 times more that the “average worker”, but inverse their logic the “average worker” makes more than the “average CEO”.

Yes it is true.

You see according to a report by The Washington Times there is a dirty little secret that the AFL-CIO is not telling you.  The AFL-CIO annually publishes an Executive PayWatch report that appears is based on erroneous statics.

Can you believe it?  The unions are trying to fool everyone.

The AFL-CIO tells us through their erroneous report that CEO’s make more than 300 times more that the average worker.

Problem is they have been exposed misleading everyone.  Groups from both sides of ideological aisle from the American Enterprise Institute to the Washington Post have exposed the shady AFL-CIO report.

What did both those groups expose, well as the Washington Times stated in their report “the union cherry-picks the country’s top-paid executives from the S&P 500 as their CEO sample, while using a calculation for the “average worker” that undercounts their true earnings.”

Does that sound fair to you?

According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics the average chief executive in America makes $180,700.

If we use their logic and “cherry pick” the top professional athletes and compare their average pay to the average CEO then we find out the “average worker”, again using the unions’ logic, makes 100’s of times more than the average CEO.

Turnaround is fair play right?

One more thing to consider, using the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics statistic that the average American CEO makes, $180,700, there are 162 Union presidents, executive presidents or international presidents that made more than the average CEO in 2014.


Now you know the whole story.

Does this sound fair to you?

Am I correct to say that turnaround is fair play?

What are your thoughts?

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