Local Children Have Raised Countless Toys for Children at Bronson Hospital

Prior to the holiday season, the Battle Creek Bombers announced a new community program entitled ‘Pay-It-Forward’.  The program was designed to reward a deserving fan who gave back to their community in a big and unique way.  After receiving all types of nominations from around the community, the Bombers whittled it down to four finalists.  Following two days of voting, the results were incredibly close – but Avery & Kirsten Kushion received the most votes from their fellow fans.

At the age of just 4 years old, Avery Kushion was diagnosed with a wilms tumor (kidney cancer). After finishing chemotherapy and radiation, Avery wanted to give back to the hospital that was so kind to him. He wanted to give the kids in the hospital at Christmas time something to smile about. So he gathered some money, and with his sister Kirsten's  help, they bought enough toys to fill a wagon. In 2011 they raised enough money to buy 3 wagons and enough toys to fill those. In 2012, they raised enough money to fill 2 cars. 2013 grew so rapidly that they needed to rent a van and filled mom’s car with toys as well.  2014 is shaping up to be the best year yet as they have over 1,000 toys to donate! Avery & Kirsten are just 9 years old, but have been paying it forward for the last 4 years. When asked them how long they plan on doing the toy drive, Avery & Kirsten said that they hope their kids will take it over some day.

For winning the fan-vote, Avery & Kirsten received a $100 Bombers Gift Certificate – just in time for Christmas. Congratulations to Avery & Kirsten. Thank you for Paying-It-Forward!