The clerk at the gas station could hardly believe what the 19-year-old was carrying.

It appeared to be some kind of gun in the boy's waist band.

So, the clerk called the police.
When the police arrived at the Meijer gas station on B Drive North in Battle Creek, they discovered many weapons on the man, according to WWMT.

"Several knives; there's a hatchet here," Emmett Township Public Safety Lieutenant Tony Geigle told WWMT, explaining the findings. "It was like something out of a cartoon movie. The officer just kept checking him and more came out and more kept coming out."

The list of items he had taken included a ski mask, revolver, knives, carabiners, utility tools and more. After police discovered these items, the gas station clerk had customers evacuate the area, trying to minimize any issues that may arise.

The man was inside the main Meijer store for nearly 6 hours and had presumably stolen the items that he carried into the Meijer gas station.

The man was on probation for previous offense. Police have the man in custody, and he's facing charges of retail fraud and criminal trespassing, according to WWMT.