I’ve been on the radio in Calhoun County for nearly 30 years, and I was lucky to work with some great people who were on the Battle Creek airwaves a lot longer.   I’ve put together a slide show about Battle Creek Radio History, and it goes back almost 100 years.

This Saturday, March 19, I’ll be giving the latest version of the presentation at the Battle Creek Regional History Museum at 3pm.   Stop by!  I’ve had a lot of great comments about it.

I’ll be talking about Battle Creek’s earliest radio broadcasts and first radio station, and about some of the big events and major players in the local radio scene.

I’ve got a lot of fun historical pictures and interview clips and old radio jingles and a few radio air checks with people like Dave Eddy, Tom McHale and Bill Gray.

Photo by Shelly Sulser, Battle Creek Shopper
  • What: Battle Creek Radio History
  • Who: Tim Collins, WBCK
  • When: Saturday March 19th at 3pm
  • Where: Battle Creek Regional History Museum, 307 West Jackson Street
  • It’s part of the museum’s “3rd Saturday History Program”.

Check out the museum's web site for more info.