Some of the hottest weather yet this season could be headed for Battle Creek later this week.

The National Weather Service suggests low-90's for highs on Friday and Saturday. Some other forecasters have suggested higher temperatures, predicting temperatures in the mid-90's, at least.

It's all part of what Chief Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa calls the "Ring of Fire" - an area of high temperatures in the upper-90's and triple digits.

Could we break a record?


As you can see from our rather crude looking WBCK weather record sheet, the answer is maybe. The July 21 record high is 103 set in 1934. July 22 - this coming Friday - would have to be hotter than 100 to break the record; Saturday would have to be hotter than 99.

Regardless of whether or not records get broken, the Humane Society of South Central Michigan is cautioning pet owners not to leave pets in hot cars for any length of time, and to be sure they are well hydrated and have access to shade.

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