Urban agriculture will be the focus of a public discussion being hosted by the City of Battle Creek, on Wednesday, June 29.

The event will take place at 6:30pm at the City's Department of Public Works building on 150 S. Kendall St.

In a release, the City of Battle Creek says that the conversation will be informal, but staff want to collect feedback on an ordinance regulating urban agriculture, farming and gardening.

The city would like to determine the community’s level of interest in things like gardening for personal use on vacant parcels, small roadside fruit/vegetable stands, backyard chickens, and the potential for small-scale farming as a commercial use. Currently these types of activities are allowed only in limited zoning districts as a permitted use, and elsewhere as a special use with very strict limitations.

The City is also holding an online survey on urban agriculture activities.  The survey can be found here.