Fresh Coast Capital has announced that Battle Creek will be one of the cities in a $1 Million national investment.

The investment will help turn urban land into green space for managing stormwater and improving ecosystems.  This announcement comes shortly after the White House announced a $2 Billion investment fund for private sector improvements of natural resources.

Fresh Coast Capital redevelops large tracts of vacant, blighted and contaminated land in the Midwest and Rust Belt into working landscapes composed of tree farms, floriculture, urban agriculture and green infrastructure projects.

The location for development in Battle creek will be the former Wilson School site.

Fresh Coast's $1 million project fund will implement around 60 acres of projects in six cities, equating to around 27,000 trees.

The cities included in the project are:

* City of St. Louis            * Kansas City, MO

* Elkhart, IN                     * Battle Creek, MI

* Flint, MI                         * Youngstown, OH

More information will come out after an event in St. Louis.