A recent published story shed light on the latest black homicide rates in Michigan. The state ended up with the third-highest black homicide rate in the country.

Battle Creek Urban League President and CEO Kyra Wallace tells The Richard Piet Show on WBCK folks often aren't sure how to help and may not know where to begin.

"You can ask 'is there anything I can do?'" Wallace said, encouraging people to ask entities like the Urban League how they can help.

Among the root causes, Wallace says, of such a high black homicide rate is the perception that a person won't be able to be successful because they perceive their situations and environments to be insurmountable. That, she says, leads to a sense of hopelessness.

"With hopelessness, you almost develop the attitude 'it doesn't matter anyway,'" Wallace said. "But...when you have people who support you to do well, it can make a difference."

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