An internet shoe buy went bad, Thursday in Battle Creek, when a juvenile was ripped-off after posting his shoes for sale.

The transaction took place at the Lakeview Square Mall, where the juvenile sold the shoes to the buyer and unknowingly received a counterfeit one-hundred dollar bill.

After realizing that he had gotten ripped-off, his friend saw an ad on Facebook offering the shoes for sale. The victim then set-up an appointment to buy the shoes on Friday, at the Lakeview Square Mall, and contacted the Battle Creek Police.

The police arrived at the mall and met with the suspects, retrieving the stolen shoes, along with marijuana and crack cocaine.

Three males ages 18, 19, and 20 were arrested on drug charges. One male age 19 was arrested for possession of stolen property.

A warrant request is being submitted on a fifth male age 20 for the original fraud using counterfeit money as he was not in the vehicle.