Firekeeper's Casino Vice President of Food and Beverage Michael McFarlen had the idea for some time: Create a buzz-worthy eatery that serves a niche in the community while helping the Food Bank of South Central Michigan.

He brought the idea to his bosses and, he tells WBCK, they approved it without hesitation. Thus, "The Hub" was born.

"It's always been a pipe dream in the back of my find something you can do with no only leftover food...but how you could reach the community," McFarlen said.

An artist's rendering of what "The Hub" will look like inside. TSM/WBCK

Driving by the former Fire Station Number 4 on a daily basis helped McFarlen realize the location was perfect. Hear him discuss the restaurant/food bank concept with Patty Parker of the Food Bank of South Central Michigan by clicking the player below.

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