Exploding popcorn?!

Yes. And that's only one of the ideas for flavored popcorn Rob and Amanda Wirtz have come up with in the short time they have been in business at Wirtz Family Popcorn in Battle Creek.

Amanda Wirtz says it can sometimes take months to perfect a new flavor. For example, the Exploding Popcorn flavor you will see us make in the video below took several months--and several taste testing rounds--to get just right. Amanda admits her husband Rob is the flavor innovator of the business. They are so excited about it, they are looking for new innovations--with your help!

Submit your ideas for new popcorn flavors via the WBCK website. Once we've collected your submissions, we'll put them up to an online vote. The highest vote-getter wins popcorn for a year from Wirtz Family Popcorn!

Watch the video below to find out the magic ingredient that makes popcorn explode!