Concerns have been raised this week about the ability to bend the iPhone 6 - and in particular, the larger iPhone 6 Plus - after normal use. As we discussed last week on the air, it's not fashionable to wear your phone on your hip any longer, so many of us are putting our phones in our pockets. After hearing this regular practice caused some iPhones to bend or warp, one online blogger tried to intentionally bend his iPhone 6 Plus, appearing to have some success in permanently damaging the phone. Here's the Detroit Free Press story with the video that shows it:

A CNN contributor tried the same test, but had different results, seemingly making fun of the YouTube video:

Apple has yet to respond to any of this, but no doubt, some will be concerned about the potential to damage phones just by putting them in their pockets and going about their day. I know I will! My iPhone is in my pocket much of the time, so I'll be following this story fairly closely. How about you? Does this worry you that you might inadvertently damage your phone?