Pretty cool!   Most of the Big Ten mascots got together to do a video to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off".    Is Sparty the coolest, or what?  I think he steals the show!   Click here to check it out.  Big Fun!

Which schools don't have a mascot in the video?   There are 14 teams in the Big Ten.   I counted 9 mascots in the video, but one school, Nebraska, has two.

What about the other six?   Well, three schools have no mascot.   Michigan's mascot is like the headphones on Coach Brady Hoke: Non-existent!    Indiana and Illinois don't have them either.   In Illinois, there's a big controversy.  Yep, you guessed it.   A Native American controversy.    I'm guessing that the Indiana Hoosiers actually do have a mascot at their games:   About 50,000 of them....all dressed up like Hoosiers.

Three schools aren't in the video for some reason:  Maryland, Penn State, and Northwestern.    Oh well.