We all know Lindbergh, the Spirit of Saint Louis and his non-stop flight over the Atlantic Ocean but do you know of his bizarre burial request? 

Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1902, studied engineering at the University of Wisconsin and dropped out after 2 years to become a "barnstormer", a pilot that performed stunts at fairs.

according to History.com here are 2 of their list of 10 Things You Might Not Know,

He wasn’t the first person to make a transatlantic crossing in an airplane

He experienced hallucinations and saw mirages during his famous flight.

Oh, he also invented an artificial heart, his son was kidnapped and we was involved in the start of the space program.

Now for the good stuff, according to a review on Tripadvisor,

According to my husband's research, he was buried there unembalmed and barefoot, with his plane cushion and his mother's blanket - information I found strangely touching.

John Mason/TSM

Then, from Pilots of America, there is this interesting idea:

 It was a very cool peaceful final resting place, near a horse pasture where offspring of horses he rode still live today. I even fed one of them. Legion [sic.] has it he is buried standing up facing the ocean, like deserving Hawaiian warriors of old. The locals, his island friends in his later years bestowed this rare honor to him after he died.


John Mason/TSM

So, whats the truth? guess we won't know unless we dig him up and that's not likely to happen.