While New York and New England get pummeled by a blizzard, southwest Michigan has a fairly quiet weather picture - for now at least.

Forecasters are keeping an eye on Wednesday and Thursday, with potential for a snow/rain combination which could include some ice. Differing forecasts for later in the week could be seen as the day went on Monday, with some calling for 3-6 inches of snow. That forecast was revised to suggest snow Wednesday night that won't amount to much, and a mix of snow and rain Thursday at times which the National Weather Service now suggests won't amount to much either.

Whatever we get, it seems to be tied up in the weather system out east, now dumping feet of snow in New York and Boston. A residual system is expected by mid-to-late week, the swath of which is expected to widen and include Michigan.

We will update the forecast on The Richard Piet Show, and all day on WBCK. Check back for the latest.