A new boil water advisory is in effect for a Battle Creek neighborhood.

This advisory is the latest in a series of advisories this week, as water crews conduct replacements of water system valves.

In a release, the City of Battle Creek says that before using water for cooking, washing dishes, and brushing teeth, water should be brought to a boil for at least one minute to ensure safety.

The affected areas include:

-On Burnham between Lavista and Fairhome
-On Eldred between Woodrow and Bechman
-On Winter between Lavista and Bechman
-On Bidwell between Lavista and Bechman
-On Summer between Lavista and Bechman
-On Territorial between Arbor and Bechman
-On Pleasant between Eldred and Territorial
-On Wiltshire between Eldred and Territorial
-On Lavista between Burnham and Territorial

Boil Water Advisories usually last at least 24 hours, but may be extended.