Remember when you were a kid and bedtime came around? Odds are, most nights at least, you might have tried to convince Mom and Dad to let you stay up later. I know I did!

Photo by George Marks - Getty Images

My bedtime was always 9pm on a school night. Most of the time, I would've rather stayed up and watched more TV or played with my toys. And if my folks were out in the living room laughing at some TV show they were watching, forget it. I'd never get to sleep! I would have much rather been out there laughing too!

Consider this mother who has trouble convincing her young twins it's bedtime - and they're barely toddlers!


What time did you have to go to bed when you were a kid? What sort of antics did you try in an attempt to get your parents to let you stay up longer? Do your kids try the same tricks?!