The Calhoun County Clerk's Office is looking for applications, for the position of Precinct Inspector.

In a release, The Calhoun County Office of Clerk and Register of Deeds says precinct inspectors are paid workers, who assist voters at the polls on Election Day.

Precinct Inspectors need to be registered voters, and cannot be a challenger, candidate, or be a part of a candidate's immediate family.  As well, convicted felons or those convicted of election crime are ineligible.

Submit the Election Inspector Application to the city or township clerk of your choice. The city or township clerk will be able to answer any questions you have regarding becoming and/or being a precinct inspector. Why not consider helping your community and becoming more politically active by becoming a precinct inspector?

You can find your clerk through the Michigan Voter Information Center, or you can find more about Local Calhoun County Clerks here.

The training for Calhoun County Election Inspectors begins June 23.