A woman found guilty of molesting her adopted son in 2002 is now a free woman.

Wednesday morning, 55-year-old Lorinda Swain was granted a new trial by the Michigan Supreme Court, after appeals courts overturned the ruling of Calhoun County Judge Conrad Sindt for a new trial.  And Wednesday afternoon, Calhoun County Prosecutor David Gilbert announced that his office would not be pursuing a new trial, effectively making Swain free.

Swain had been convicted on first degree criminal sexual conduct charges, after her adopted son accused her of abusing him, but she was released on bond after eight years in prison by Judge Sindt.

That decision came about after inconsistencies involving Swain’s trial, and the recantation of her son’s accusations.

Swain was assisted in her pursuit of freedom by the University of Michigan’s Innocence Clinic, which provides legal counsel to convicted individuals after more evidence in their cases arise.