The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department has now completed their investigation into an officer involved shooting last week.

In a release, The Sheriff’s Department says that Sheriff Matt Saxton has reviewed a report prepared by the Office of Professional standards, and that Sergeant Chris Bacik was justified in the February 3 shooting of a suspect.

Sergeant Bacik will be returning to duty today, while the Battle Creek Police Department conducts their own investigation.

The shooting occurred while Bacik was pursuing a robbery suspect, when the suspect, 58-year-old Derrick Shirk, entered a garage and came out with what appeared to be a handgun. After repeated warnings to stand down, Bacik fired at Shirk and hit him in the chest.

The “handgun” turned out to be an airsoft pistol.

Shirk, a parole absconder, has already been returned to prison for the violation.