It happens every 4th of July.   Pets get spooked by all the noise from the air show, balloon flights and fireworks.    Calhoun County officials remind you that to make sure your dogs are licensed so that they have a better chance of being found and returned if they get lost.  If you can afford the $50.00, a micro-chip is definitely the way to go.


Calhoun County Photo

“Dog licenses help owners find their dogs if they are lost and provides funding for County Animal Control, which cares for lost animals and investigates animal cruelty cases,” said Calhoun County Treasurer Christine Schauer.  “Licensed dogs must have proof of vaccination, so getting dogs licensed ultimately protects the public from rabies.”  Licenses are required for all dogs, and they must have a license tag on their collars while in public.


When you get a dog license in Calhoun County, they collect some info about the dog, and that’s how the Calhoun County Treasurer’s office is able to put out the yearly “Most popular dog names in Calhoun County” list.  The list was compiled using data collected by the Calhoun County Treasurer’s Office from the 26,000 dog licenses sold in 2015.

My wife Debbie and I have four dogs, and none of them made the list of most popular names.  Ours are named “Scruffy”,”Race”, “Mugsie” and “Ellie”.   To avoid trouble, I should probably also mention our cats, “Oscar”, “Earl” and “Lenny.”    I get request from people to post pictures, so here you go!.   “Oscar” and “Mugsie” help with the morning show broadcast each day on WBCK-FM, from the home studio, which is also called “Oscar’s office.”

Calhoun County Most Popular Dog Names 2015

1.   Buddy — 371

2.   Molly — 286

3.   Sadie — 276

4.   Max — 266

5.   Daisy — 220

6.   Bear — 209

7.   Maggie — 200

8.   Jake — 190

9.   Abby — 181

10. Lady — 163

11.   Shadow — 158

12.   Lucy — 153

13.   Bailey — 150

14.   Duke — 142

15.   Jack — 133

16.   Bella — 132

17.   Harley — 125

18.   Buster — 124

19.   Charlie — 122

20.   Lucky — 120

Last year, the top three names were Sadie, Daisy and Buddy, respectively. Maggie, Shadow, Harley, Buster and Charlie are new to the top 20 list this year. The top breeds are labs, Chihuahuas and lab mixes.

The Treasurer’s Office also compiled a list of unique dog names in Calhoun County. Below is a list of 10 unique dog names:

Top 10 Unique Dog Names

1.      Chilli Dog

2.      Mad Max

3.      Miss Piggy

4.      Napoleon

5.      Prince Charming

6.      Sasquatch

7.      Sassy Lassie

8.      Slobberdookie

9.      Twinkle Toes

10.  The Pope


The 2015 film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” seems to have been the inspiration for six dogs that were named “Vader,” three “Wookie,” two “Leia,” one “Skywalker” and one “Chewbacca.” Other dog owners likely drew inspiration from the presidential race: Four dogs were named “Hillary,” three “Bernie,” and one “Trump.”

Dog owners can buy a dog license online or at the Calhoun County Treasurer’s Office located in the County Administrative Building at 315 W. Green Street in Marshall. Dog owners may also mail in their information.

For more information about dog licenses and to purchase a license online, click here.