Global Warming

‘Let’s Put You in the Ground’ CA Governor to Protesters
California Governor Jerry Brown was at a Global Warming event in Germany called the U.S. Climate Action Pavilion on behalf of "America's Pledge".  This event brings together leaders from both the private and public sector to ensure that our politicians in America adhere to the climate goal…
Global Warming, 5.2 Trillion and 0.2 Degrees
Do you believe that the remote possibility of lowering our temperature of the planet by 0.2 degrees by 2100 is worth $5,200,000,000,000 dollars?
The United Nations (UN) does.
The Daily Caller is reporting that the UN is demanding that the member countries of the UN chip in a minimum of $5...
Arctic Ice Increase, Global Warming?
Did you know that the Arctic sea ice has been growing at a phenomenal rate over the last 5 years?
The Real Climate Science news site has an article where they have shown the Arctic sea ice has grown almost 40% over the last 5 years.  Their sources are maps from The National Snow and Ice Data Cen…
Coal or Solar Power
Did you know how many acres of land it takes to produce 1 megawatt of electricity using solar panels?
According to the Michigan Capitol Confidential, it takes 7.6 acres of land to produce 1 megawatt of electricity.
Did you know how many acres of land it takes to produce 1 megawatt of electricity using…
Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Wants Old People to Die
Do you know or remember Bill Nye “the Science Guy”, you know the “Science Guy” who has no science degree and never worked as a scientist, yes that one.
The Washington Times is reporting on an in-depth interview Bill had with the LA Times and in that interview Bill stated that it will be possible to t…
Great News for our Great Lakes
I am happy to report about some great news for our Great Lakes.
It is being reported that per the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers our Great Lakes’ water levels are rising is just the first 12 days of April.
We are being informed that this rise is due to the seasonal lake level rise and an…
The Meaning of Words Matter
Did he or didn't he say Islamist terrorist?
By the way is it Islamic terrorism or man-caused disaster?
Illegal alien or undocumented person?
Global warming or Climate Change?
Criminals or justice-involved youth?
Words and their definition really matter and when people attempt to change their meaning…
Humans will develop webbed feet?
Interesting, the Global warming religious zealots will stoop to any means to scare us into believing their religious beliefs.
The Climate Depot is reporting on Dr Matthew Skinner, a paleoanthropologist at the University of Kent in the UK that Global warming could cause humans to develop new genetic f…

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