Do They See Their Image in Mirrors?
A big part of our political problems today is bias.  People not caring what the facts are or unwilling to look at something objectively is driving our current political environment, driving it into the grave.
A perfect example occurred the other day on CNN...
Who Decides: The Parents or Government?
Many of us have been following the heartbreaking saga that a British couple has been dealing with concerning their son Charlie Gard.
Charlie is now eleven months old and has a very rare genetic brain disease called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome...
Government Prediction That Hurt Us All
Just like everything else in life when we are given incorrect information from what we thought of trusted sources we can make huge mistakes in our decisions.
That not only goes for our personal lives but also for government.
We keep hearing about the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and how they are …
Free Healthcare and Your Tax Rate
For those of you who still want government run “free” healthcare, you should hold your powder dry on that decision until you learn a few facts about what “free” means.
I read a great piece by Nolan Finley in the Detroit News over the weekend tha…

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