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Should VP Pence Have Left the NFL Game?
Yesterday Vice President Pence attended his home state NFL football game in which the Indianapolis Colts played the San Francisco 49er's.  Fox News reported that several 49er's players kneeled during the national anthem.  When Vice President Pence saw that he left the g…
NFL Ticket Pricing Oppression Poll?
The average cost for a ticket to see a NFL game in 2017 is $93.00.  What would it cost the average family of 4 to see a NFL game:

4 tickets would cost $372.00
Approximately $20 to park
Approximately $80 for food
Approximately $40 for souvenirs

That means it would cost a working man or women approximately…
Where Is This Country Going?
Is this country socially going in the wrong direction?
We see more aggression and violence in our society.  The extreme groups are on all sides seem to be taking over via violence and some political leaders and police (see Durham North Carolina) are either encouraging or standing by while this h…
Question: Should Non-Citizens Receive Michigan Scholarships?
Should non U.S. citizens receive scholarships to Michigan colleges and universities?
A set of bill’s in the Michigan House says no.
Michigan House Bills 4829-4834 states that only U.S. citizens or permanent residents can receive Michigan nursing or other state competitive scholarships, student grants,…
President Trump’s Speech to the Joint Session of Congress
In his address to the Joint Session of Congress President Trump said that the country was witnessing “the renewal of the American spirit,” and he asked his opponents in Congress to join in that renewal of the American spirit.
To watch and hear his full address please click on the following link:
National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Resigns
President Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned Monday after he admitted that he misled Vice President Mike Pence on the contents of a December 29, 2016 phone discussion he had with the Russian ambassador, in which they apparently discussed Russian sanctions...
Are We Too Far Left and Right?
Has our country become so polarized on the left and the right that there are far too few elected politicians from the middle that can and have been elected?
Is this part of the problem we have in our government's inability to address the major issues that our country has faced over the last few …
Is Tom Brady the Greatest QB Ever?
Well he just won his unprecedented 5th Super Bowl, does that make him the greatest Quarterback in NFL History?  If not who is, please vote in my poll and let us know.
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