Fake Cancer Payback
Restitution is on the way for more than five hundred victims of a Detroit area doctor who were forced to go through needless cancer treatments.
Do You Have The Right to Die with Dignity?
Two doctors in Massachusetts are suing the state for the right to prescribe lethal medications to aid in the death of terminally ill patients, without the fear of being prosecuted for murder or manslaughter.
Reuters is reporting that a Massachusetts judge has ruled that the lawsuit may move forward..…
Medical Marijuana, Michigan and an Economic Argument for It
I will be interviewing Dr. Gary Wolfram tomorrow (Thursday) at the top of the 10:00 hour.
Dr. Wolfram is the William E. Simon Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College and President of Hillsdale Policy Group, a consulting firm specializing in taxation and policy analysis...
Michigan, are You Being Scammed
Michigan Attorney General's Consumer Protection bureau yesterday released a list of the top 10 ways citizens of Michigan are being scammed.
No surprise that debt collection and other credit and financial scams tops the list once again this year...
Your Tax Dollars, Transwomen and Uganda
Do you remember when the former Speaker of the House Democrat California Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi famously stated:
The cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make. It’s really important that people understand that
If not or you do not believe me check out this audio of her stating it on a CNN pro…

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