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Meet Wally Gator
The Critchlow Alligator sanctuary, located just outside of Athens, Michigan, is the home of about 130 “rescue” gators from twenty states.
Batman Spotted on I-69
You may have heard that Batman (actor Adam West) passed away this weekend.  Well, we're not so sure.  Driving up from Coldwater Sunday afternoon on I-69, the caped- crusader was spotted driving....well, a three-wheeled Batmobile!
This just in...
Southwest Michigan’s Billboard Mystery Has Been Solved!
Last week, I brought up a question regarding some mysterious billboards that had popped up around Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. Now, it seems the mystery has been solved!
This week, several of the billboards that had previously contained red images, initially thought to be letters, were replaced by a c…
Search Reveals 113 Cats in Athens Home
A search warrant to investigate charges of animal cruelty and neglect was executed at a home in the Village of Athens and led to the discovery of 113 cats in various states of health.
The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department Animal Control and the Battle Creek Police Department Animal …
Young Couple Thrilled With New Fixer-Upper Trailer
The best things in life don’t always require a lot of money. The simple pleasures are what really count.
In this YouTube video a young couple, expecting a child, invite the young woman’s parents over for a tour of their newly acquired trailer...
Homeowner Catches Talking Squirrel On Video
Most of us have heard Alvin and the Chipmunks singing the Christmas song. Rocky the Flying Squirrel spoke to us, with that raspy little voice. But have you ever seen a video of an actual talking squirrel?
Watch this YouTube video and be amazed...
A Ten Minute Oil Change And A Baby
A Pennsylvania couple stopped at #1 Cochran Nissan of South Hills, to take advantage of a ten minute oil change, and ended-up with a baby to-go.
According to the Pittsburg Tribune-Review, Adam Sherman and his wife, Amanda, were in the process of the oil change when Amanda needed to use the restroom..…
Amazing Find In Tennessee Fire
It was the day after the wildfires drove towards the borders of Dollywood theme park, on the outskirts of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Isaac McCord was amongst a group of workers picking-up debris, when he found a remarkable fragment that survived the firestorm...
Where Are Letters to God Delivered?
The United States Postal Service has a program that routes children’s letters to Santa Clause, to an address in Anchorage, Alaska and then sends a personalized response to the kid.
But where do all of those letters that are addressed to God, go...

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