Democrat Congresswoman Wants to ‘Take Trump Out’
When is this madness going to end?
Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, this month told a New York audience at the Ali Forney Center for a LGBTQ youth forum that she will “take out” the president.  They all clapped for quite a long time...
How White Are You?
Have you ever wondered how white you are, well a professor at San Diego State University has created a quiz to let you know.
The College Fix news website is reporting about Professor Dae Elliott who has decided to offered her sociology class students, a “White Privilege Checklist&CloseCurlyDoub…
Colleges and their “Diversity and Inclusion” Pledge’s
In their quest for “diversity and inclusion” Iowa State University is now requiring their new job applicants pledge that if hired they will “demonstrate their contribution to diversity and inclusion”.
My thought is how will they exactly enforce …
Banana Peel Ends Greek Event
Have things gotten out of hand, I would have to say what happened at the University of Mississippi proves it has.
Some student noticed a banana peel hanging in a tree during a Greek Life retreat at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).  T...

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