Faith and Government
Since when does faith become an obstacle to work in government?
Apparently today it is, at least for some people!
The Daily Caller is reporting on the grilling of Amy Barrett, a Notre Dame Law professor who has been nominated by President Trump to serve on the U...
Christian Cross is a Gang Symbol?
Could a Christian cross be a gang symbol, well according to a High School math teacher in Tampa Florida it could.
What is occurring in our high schools seems to be getting worse.  One must ask what is going on with the increase of crazy things high school teachers and adminsitrators are saying a…
The Catholic Church and Michigan’s Supreme Court
The Michigan Supreme Court will be hearing arguments this Thursday concerning the First amendment and faith based schools.
The case originated from parents of a eighth grade girl who was rejected by Notre Dame Preparatory High School in Pontiac Michigan...
State Settles Prison Lawsuit with Muslim Prisoners
Apparently, if you are Muslim and serving time in the hole, the holy day Ramadan can be a real bummer when it comes to dinnertime.
In a story released from the Associated Press, the Michigan Corrections Department and Muslim prisoners have settled a lawsuit over meals served during the month of Ramad…
Amazing Find In Tennessee Fire
It was the day after the wildfires drove towards the borders of Dollywood theme park, on the outskirts of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Isaac McCord was amongst a group of workers picking-up debris, when he found a remarkable fragment that survived the firestorm...

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