BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Starting this week, the city's contractor will begin chip sealing the city streets listed below.

With the noted exceptions, these will be fog sealed at a later date.

As a reminder, the chip sealing process involves placing a layer of liquid asphalt/tar, placing a layer of stones and placing another layer of the liquid asphalt/tar on top. The second layer is the fog seal.

Annapolis Avenue - Blanch to Boardman

Bartlett Street - South Jay to the end

Beckley Road - Hedges to Stone Jug

Blanch Street - Boardman to Orient

Boardman Avenue - Upton to Blanch

Edgehill Place - Edgehill Road to Riverside Drive

Eldred Street - 20th Street to Capital Avenue

Fern Street - Waweenork to south end

Independence Avenue - entire street

Ivanhoe Street - Michigan Avenue to Union

Jackson Street - Kendall Street to Angell

Lafayette Street - Angell to city limit

Lansing Avenue - Porter to Second

Lindale Court - Waweenork to Columbia Avenue

Menno Avenue - Waweenork to Columbia

North Burdge Street - East Michigan to north end

North Wood Street - Van Buren to Manchester

Newtown Avenue - entire street

Orient Street - Spring to Blanch

Perry Road - South Minges to Beckley

Porter Street - East Michigan to Raymond

Ritchie Lane - Bedford to River Road

Robertson Avenue - entire street

South Burdge Street - Cliff to East Michigan

South Edison Street - Emmett to south end

South Minges Road - Beckley to Sonoma

Sonoma Road - Beckley to city limit

Spencer Street - Porter to East Michigan

Verona Avenue - North East Avenue to city limit

Watkins Road - Stone Jug to Helmer

Alleys will be chip sealed -- but not fog sealed -- in the following locations:

Between Corwin and Tennyson (Alley #1)

Two alleys between Alley #1 and Harrison

Between Cherry and Broad streets

Sumac Street - Capital to Washington

Mint Street - Washington to Meachem