Every so often, you come across something on the interwebs that’s actually kinda cool, safe, and fun for the little ones.

One of the biggest selling Christmas items this season and last is the Elf on a Shelf.  Because he or she is MAGIC, the little elf sees all and hears all, and has no problem hipping Santa to the positive or negative behaviors of the little believers in your home.  But for the love of all that's Holy, don’t touch your elf!  It will lose ALL it’s magic power!  Talk about reinforcing the you’d better watch out message!

Now, thanks to the wonder of Photoshop and like products we have a site called www.capturethemagic.com

Capture the Magic allows users to instantly upload a photo of their living room and insert one of hundreds of Santa images into the photo, creating proof of Santa’s visit for curious children. Images are created in three easy steps. Parents simply take a photo of the area they want to “catch” Santa – by the fireplace, Christmas tree, or eating cookies – and upload to capturethemagic.com. Next, the parent selects their Santa from hundreds of poses. Finally, the parent can download the completed photo to share with their kids and exclaim, “I caught Santa!” The Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny images are also available. Three photos run $9.95 or you can get unlimited photos for a year for $29.99. Multi-holiday packages are available for purchase.