The City of Kalamazoo Administration is notifying Kalamazoo County Residents to be aware of a fraudulent letter and questionnaire that has apparently been sent to Kalamazoo County Residents.

ThinkStock; Stuart Miles

This letter and questionnaire says that the recipient has been randomly selected to participate in a water quality study. The letter falsely represents this as a study being conducted by the City of Kalamazoo, but this letter and questionnaire was not sent by any authorized representative of the City of Kalamazoo. The City says the letter can be recognized by unauthorized use of the City of Kalamazoo logo in the upper left of the letter, a text box in the upper right corner and signed by Donna Princinsky, who is not a City of Kalamazoo employee.

If you receive such a letter, The City says do not respond. Should anyone receive this letter and questionnaire, it should be thrown away.

In a release, the City of Kalamazoo says "Please be assured that water system customers would never be notified in this way nor would we conduct any type of sampling program in this manner. The City of Kalamazoo conducts regular sampling and analysis of the water system in compliance with all Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and Environmental Protection Agency standards and requirements and meets the drinking water quality standards set forth by these agencies. Furthermore, information concerning Kalamazoo Water System Quality is presented in our Water Quality Report distributed and made available to water system customers each year."