How to Become a Millionaire By Age 30.  Yeah.  I missed reading this.  

I shared this on the Morning Show today.  And I got depressed.  Why didn't somebody tell ME about this---40 years ago??  Not that I would have had the discipline to follow the steps, no probably quite the contrary.

Seems I was too busy being--well, stupid.  I tended to spend money on Stroh's beer (remember them) and of course, I just HAD to have a car.  So, I immediately had debt.

Saving money was for chumps.

And now, I bear the scars for those foolish behaviors.  (That sounded kind of dramatic, didn't it??)  Anyway, the author Grant Cardone from Entrepreneur Magazine says IF YOU JUST follow these steps, you, yes YOU can be a millionaire by 30!!  Heck, there ain't but nine of them.  Ready?  Here you go.  Get cracking!

1.  Don't show off.  "Fake it 'til you make it" is a good way to stay poor forever.  Don't buy expensive things just to look like you're already a millionaire.  Save money for the investments that can MAKE you a millionaire.

2.  Never save money, except to invest it.  When you save money, it should be for things that will make you richer.  And the money you save should be untouchable, even for emergencies.  Lock it away, and don't bring it out except to start a new venture.

3.  Avoid debt that doesn't make you richer.  Cardone says rich people use debt to make investments, and increase their cash flow.  Poor people use debt to buy stuff . . . which only makes the RICH people richer.

4.  Treat money like a jealous lover.  If you want to be a millionaire, you have to treat money better than everything else.  You have to put it first.  Otherwise it will leave you for someone else.

5.  Money doesn't sleep, and neither should you.  The way to get rich is to outwork everyone else.  When other people go home and get drunk, stay at the office.  Don't take vacations, and don't try to have a life.  No one said it would be easy.

6.  Tell yourself it makes no sense to be poor.  Cardone says a lot of people just accept being poor, because they think it will always be that way for them.  You have to believe that it sucks to be poor, and that it's your FAULT if you stay that way.

Hey,  no one said it would be PROPER, either.  But if you want to get to be a millionaire in the first ten or 12 years of your career, you can't think the way other people think.  And you can't CARE what they think about you.

7.  Get a millionaire mentor.  If no real millionaire will mentor you, pick someone in the public eye and study them.  Once you find out what they did, do that.

8.  Let your money do the work for you.  You should always be focused on investing.  Use your money to attract more money.  Labor doesn't make anyone a millionaire . . . there's not enough time in one life.  You need investments that pay off.

9.  Aim for $10 million, not $1 million.  You have to think bigger, so that even if you don't reach your goals, you still get to be a millionaire.  Cardone says the biggest mistake he ever made was not thinking big enough.

Are you rich yet??