Congratulations Audrey Adkins, winner of this week's Soup and A Bouquet giveaway from Greensmith Florist and Fine Gifts-Addington Hills Cafe and WBCK!

Audrey was nominated by Ruth Hetletvedt, who wrote in to the WBCK website:

"I want to nominate Audrey Adkins, employee at Bronson Battle Creek. Audrey is the Volunteer Liaison who manages the BBC Volunteers (all 349 of us). She is always there to support all of our efforts and keeps us on track as we provide services and raise funds for Bronson Battle Creek. Audrey always makes time to listen to our concerns. She makes an effort to know each of the volunteers on a personal basis."

 Watch for more posts about the Soup and Bouquet giveaway, and feel free to nominate someone you think deserves a break today!