Your mother told you that the internet was the Devil's playground.

She called it an endless black hole for wasting time.  A world with more viruses than currently roam around in our studio.  And for the most part, as in most everything else, Mom was probably right.

But every so often Mom, you do happen to come across tidbits of actual interest. Really.  As exhibits A, B and C, may attest, I present what I believe are some purty cool entries from the web.  Some things will just be cool to talk about.  Conversation starters.  Pick-up lines, possibly?  Drop a couple of these gems at work or a holiday party, and you'll be Mr./Ms. Coolio.  Trust me.  Then, some stuff you'll watch again and again.  At least I did.  But I have no life.

And there's even some holiday menu ideas for you, just in case all your guests are sci-fi nerds.  And yes, they're real.

First, from the world of SCIENCE;

Then, it's on to things that make you go, HHHMMMM;

And finally, it's a holiday party recipe for the nerds in your life.

Be sure to leave me some cheery comments and let me know what you think?