Interstate 375 in downtown Detroit is one of the nation's shortest, and it's also nearing the end of its lifespan. Could the tail end of the Chrysler Freeway become a thing of the past?

It's a distinct possibility. The Michigan Department of Transportation has known for years that I-375 would likely see major changes in its future. According to the Detroit News there are 6 different options for the future of the highway including on that would

transition the freeway to a surface street at Clinton, where it would be turned into a boulevard, replacing the southbound service drive. The northbound service drive would become a two-way local street with bike lanes. There would be a riverfront connection from Jefferson to Atwater with bike lanes, and it would leave about 8.5 acres on the south side of Jefferson and “along east side of corridor between boulevard and local street” available for another use. It would cost $45 million to $55 million.

So far, MDOT has not made any decisions on the future of the roadway and may not for some time as they have delayed any action indefinitely.

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