March 1 is the day!

Battle Creek” hits the prime time airwaves on CBS. OK…not our town, but the fictional TV story based (very loosely) on Battle Creek, Mich. 

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

CBS is billing it as a show "from the creator of 'Breaking Bad.'"

OK…sort of. Vince Gilligan thought up the idea 12 years ago — way before “Breaking Bad.” A CBS executive dug it out of the reject pile, hoping to find a “diamond in the rough.”

So, they’ll trot out 13 episodes in the 10 p.m. Sunday night time slot on CBS. Vince Gilligan is busy with the prequel to “Breaking Bad,” ("Better Call Saul") and hasn't been involved day to day in the cop drama's 13 episodes.

Many Battle Creek people were outraged when “The Road to Wellville” hit movie theaters more than 20 years ago. It was a piece of historical fiction about Dr. John Harvey Kellogg that some say was a little too fictional and not all that historical.

But “Battle Creek” is pure fiction.   OK, maybe some things will be ripped from the headlines and re-fitted a little. We’ll just have to see if the thing actually resembles life in Battle Creek — or anywhere, for that matter.

Some of the storylines are said to include:

  • An attempted hit on a colorful local mayor, who bears a striking resemblance to Toronto's Rob Ford.
  • A crime gang that deals in hi-jacked maple syrup.
  • A costumed mascot that gets killed at the annual Cereal Festival.

The main thing I keep hearing about “Battle Creek” is that it’ll be “quirky” and won’t be

anything like the current crop of established crime dramas like CSI or Law and Order.

Will you be watching Battle Creek? I know I will!

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