For the past 22 years, Dennis Hodges has been there to deliver forecast and more to listeners on Battle Creek’s Weather Station, WBCK.  

Hodges announced this morning on the Richard Piet Show that he’s stepping down to concentrate on his job as an insurance agent for the Blue Care Network.

Hodges announced that he’s turning the page on a 45 year career in the Weather Business, and spending more time on his job as an agent with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  He said the business has grown so much that he feels he’s not able to devote enough time to the weather.  Dennis says he doesn’t feel that it would be fair to WBCK or its listeners for him to continue.

Hodges also told the audience that there’s another reason for

his departure.   He says he has “Essential Tremors” also known as “shaky hand syndrome.”  He says that is causing his voice to shake, and makes it very difficult to continue broadcasting.  Hodges told the audience that the condition is getting pretty severe and making it difficult to pronounce some words at times.   “As much as I love Katherine Hepburn, I refuse to sound like her on the air,” said Hodges.

Jr. Weatherman Dennis Hodges

Hodges, 63, says he’s had a great run in broadcasting.  He thanked the listening audience and many former WBCK Staff members, including Dave Eddy, Tom McHale, Bill Gray, and Roy LaFountain.

In 1992, Hodges left TV 8 in Grand Rapids and became the state-wide meteorologist for Liggett Broadcasting, with stations in Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Saginaw.   Using new technology, he was able to broadcast from his home studio, and continued to do so for 22 years.

Good Luck Dennis!  We'll miss you!