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If you were tuned into the Sean Hannity Show on Monday, you may have heard the father an Orlando shooting victim call the show.   Mark Bando is 32 year old Drew Leinonen’s father.  Leinonen’s mother Christine was the distraught mother we saw on the reports on Sunday, who was desperately seeking information on her son.   It turns out both the mother and father are former police officers from Detroit.

Mark Bando was a Detroit police officer for 25 years.   He said that if he had been in the Orlando Club the other night, the story would have been very different, because, like many Americans, he has a concealed pistol license and carries a gun.     Bando said he would have thought that there would be at least two or three people in the club that were armed, but sadly that’s not what happened.  Bando said, “I think in that nightclub the other night, when the shooting started, there wasn’t one person in there that wouldn’t have traded everything they owned in the world to have a loaded gun.”

Here’s the audio from the Sean Hannity Show on WBCK.

Bando talked more about his son in a Detroit News article published on Monday night.

“Drew was a son to be proud of and he will be missed by many people.”

Leinonen died at the club with his boyfriend Juan Guerrero. His mother, 58 year old Christine Leinonen was a Michigan State Trooper for 9 years, before moving to Florida, going to law school, and becoming an attorney.